Department of Electronic Engineering in School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering, in Shanghai Jiao Tong University, has two primary disciplines including ‘Information and Communication Engineering’ and ‘Electronic Science and Technology’. Both have doctorate authorization with post-doctoral research stations. Four subordinate disciplines include ‘Communication and Information System’, ‘Signal and Information Processing’, ‘Circuits and Systems’, and ‘Electromagnetic Field and Microwave Technology’. The last two are the National key disciplines.
    The main research fields in Department of Electronic Engineering are image communication, mobile communication, optical fiber communication, computer communication and network security, IC design, microwave RF circuit and antenna technology, signal processing, electronic measurement technology and so on. We have National Key Institute of Local Fiber-Optical Communication Networks and Advanced Optical Communication, Shanghai Key Laboratory of Digital Media Processing and Transmission, Shanghai Key Laboratory of Information Security Integrative Technology. The department builds many joint institutes and laboratories with many famous domestic and international enterprises, such as SJTU-Microsoft Joint Institute, SJTU-IBM Joint Institute, SJTU-Bell Communication and Network Joint Laboratory, SJTU-Samsung Joint Laboratory, SJTU-Leadtek Joint Laboratory. Department of Electronic Engineering has lay down research plans and implemented teaching programs based on advanced technologies and information on a global scale, the demand of national economic construction and the needs of the discipline development. Department of Electronic Engineering has already taken on dozens of National Nature and Science Foundation projects, National 863 key projects, National Defense key projects, National MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology) key projects, International Cooperation research projects and so on. We also have achieved a batch of high-level scientific research results with independent intelligent property rights. Many key technologies and techniques from the research results have contributed a lot for the economic development in our country. Some of the significant scientific research results are translated into the social productivity, and have already contributed substantially to the national economic development and local economic construction.
    Present Leaders:
Department Head Liu Xingzhao Overall responsibility.
Vice Department Head Xue Zhenmin Overall responsibility.
Vice Department Head Jin RongHong Responsibility in Research.
Vice Department Head Wang Xinbing Responsibility in Undergraduate Teaching, Discipline Construction and Doctorate Education.
Vice Department Head Zhou Lingling Responsibility in Postgraduate Education.

    Centers & Labs:
  1. Institute of Modern Communication
  2. Institute of Wireless Communication Technology
  3. Institute of Image Communication
  4. Institute of Local Fiber-Optical Communication Networks and Advanced Optical Communication
  5. Institute of Signal Processing
  6. Center for Microwave and RF Technologies
  7. Center for VLSI & System Research
  8. Central Laboratory
  9. Teaching and Research Center for Circuits and Systems
  10. Center for TFT-LCD Materials and Technologies


The 2014 Annual Meeting of E.E. SJTU
The 2014 Annual Meeting of E.E. SJTU

        On the afternoon of January 13, 2014, the 2014 annual meeting of E.E. SJTU was held in Shanghai Dazhong International Conference Hotel (She Tiankun Road No. 1515). The trip is as follows:

    -- 12:30  set out from SEIEE Building

    -- 13:30~15:30   the 2014 annual meeting

    -- 15:30~17:30   Chen Shan botanical garden tour

    -- 17:30   New Year party and performance

ACM&CCF(YOCSEF) (Shanghai)
ACM&CCF(YOCSEF) (Shanghai)

        According to the approval from ACM Chinese Council and ACM USA headquarters, associate professor Zhai Guangtao from Department of Electronic Engineering Shanghai Jiao Tong University was awarded outstanding scientists candidate in Shanghai area, and Dr. Fu Luoyi was awarded the 2013 ACM Shanghai outstanding doctoral Award (Professor Wang Xinbing). This is the first ACM set up in the Shanghai area of outstanding doctoral award and Outstanding Young Scientist Award selection activities.

“Best Student/Young Scientist Award” from State Key Laboratory of Advanced Optical Communication Systems and Networks
“Best Student/Young Scientist Award” from State Key Laboratory of Advanced Optical Communication Systems and Networks

       At the Conference on Laser and Electro-Optics Pacific Rim, and OptoElectrincs and Communications Conference / Photonics in Switching (CLEO-PR&OECC/PS) held on June 30th 2013, paper of doctoral student Bi Meihua (Professor Xiao Shilin) from our fiber research group won the 'Best Student/Young Scientist Award' of IEEE Photonics


2014 China FPD Conference(ASID)
2014 China FPD Conference(ASID)

        Flat panel display center of our department got a good news again. At 2014 China FPD Conference(ASID), 14 papers from Shanghai Jiao Tong University are accepted, ranked fourth in the world, second only to Taiwan Youda Company, Korea LG Company and Japane Semiconductor Energy Lab. These papers accepted include 2 Distinguished papers (16 in all), one hot paper (19 in all). This conference is the most important international conference in the display research field.

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