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Shibao Zheng


Shibao Zheng, Professor
Add: 5-421 SEIEE Buildings,800 Dongchuan Rd,SH,China
Post Code:200240
Tel: +86 21 34204002
The Shanghai Key Lab of Digital Media Processing & Transmission(SKL-DMP&T): http://dmlab.sjtu.edu.cn
     Shibao Zheng received his B.S. in 1983 from Xidian University(i.e, The College ?of Xibei Telecommunication Engineering), Xi’an, China, and a M.S. degree in 1986 from the 54th Institute of MEE at Shijiazhuang, all in electronic information engineering. He was previously an assistant engineer、engineer、senior engineer and Professor-level senior engineer at the 54th institute from 1986、1988、1994 and 1997 Respectively to 1999,Mainly engaged in satellite communication and broadcast television engineering and technology research. He Served as a major national research programs HDTV project experts ,and as the chief designer of China Manned Space Engineering first generation of spacecraft, astronauts television system ground equipment,received Army Science and Technology Progress 3th Award and the State Council special contribution allowance. After 2000, he working in Department of Electronic Engineering, School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering, SJTU. He mainly engaged in the teaching and research work of digital television , multimedia network communication and video surveillance etc, Served as a professor and doctoral Supervisor. He served in succession as deputy director of HD innovative research center in Shanghai, chips and Systems Research Center of Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Cooperative Research Centre over Network in ?the Ministry of Education, The formation of the Shanghai Digital TV research consortium, developed a digital television receiver core chip, middleware software and Machine Card Separation receiver set-top boxes based on smart card technology, received shanghai science and technology invention 1th prize and the national scientific and technological progress second 2nd prize, in 2005 and 2008 Respectively. In recent years, he mainly engaged in the study of the city's public safety video surveillance technology, elderly health management and monitoring technology, The establishment of a social security science and technology applied research center with the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, the health management and service development center ?is established with Shanghai Lujiazui streets, the chinese air hospital network and other units.
    Prof. Zheng has published 150? articles(30,11,2012) , Among them, the English papers are 75, Be cited 272,and Chinese papers are 77, Be cited 232. He apply for 28 Chinese invention patents, Which has authorized 18.
  1. Technology Progress 2nd Award,Ministry of Mechanical and Electronics Industry ,1990
  2. Excellence youth ?Award in Science and Technology , Ministry of Electronics Industry, 1992
  3. Science and Technology Progress 3th Award in the Chinese army,1999
  4. The? State Council of China Special Contribution Award,2000
  5. Shanghai Science and Technology Invention ?1th Award,2005
  6. National Science and Technology Progress 2nd Award ,2008
Research Areas
  1. Digital TV codec technology
  2. Multimedia communication and network technology
  3. Intelligent video surveillance technology
  4. Wearable multimedia technology
  5. The elderly Health Management and monitoring technology
Selected Publications
  1. Yawen Fan ; Shibao Zheng ; Hua Yang ; Chongyang Zhang ; Hang Su, “Causality-weighted active learning for abnormal event identification based on the topic”, Optical Engineering.2012,51(7):077204(Jul 06,2012)
  2. Su, Hang;Yang, Hua ;? Zheng, Shibao ;? Fan, Yawen ;? Wei, Sha, “Crowd Event Perception Based on Spatio-temporal Viscous Fluid Field” 2012 IEEE Ninth International Conference on Advanced Video and Signal-Based Surveillance, Excellent Paper
  3. Yi Zhou ; Hichem Snoussi ; Shibao Zheng, “Bayesian variational human tracking based on informative body parts,” Optical Engineering.2012,51(6):067203(Jul 05,2012)
  4. Xiaolin Chen, Xiaokang Yang, Shibao Zheng, Weiyao Lin, Rui Zhang and Guangtao Zhai, “New image quality assessment method using wavelet leader pyramids,” Optical Engineering. 2011,50(6):067011 (Jun 13, 2011)
  5. Zhengyi Luo, Li Song, Shibao Zheng, Yi Xu, Xiaokang Yang, “Improved error concealment of region of interest based on the H.264/AVC standard,” Optical Engineering,2010,49(4):047003 (10 pp.)
  6. Tianpu Jiang, Shibao Zheng, Baofeng Liu, “Key distribution based on hierarchical access control for conditional access system in DTV”, IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics,2004,50(1):225-230.
  7. Zhang HG, Zheng SB. “An extensible digital television middleware architecture based on hardware abstraction layer”, 2004 International Conference on Multimedia & Expo(ICME 2004):711-714.
  8. Zheng M, Zheng SB,“A common smart-card-based conditional access system for digital Set-Top Boxes”, IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics,2004,50(2):601-605.
  9. Chunrong Zhang, Shibao Zheng, Chi Yuan, Feng Wang,“A novel low-complexity and high-performance frame-skipping transcoder in DCT domain”, IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics,2005,51(4):1306-1312.
  10. Zhang Chunrong, Zheng Shibao, Wang Feng, Yuan Chi,“Design and implementation of transport stream demultiplexer in HDTV decoder SoC”, IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics,2005,51(2):642-647.
  11. Zhiming Tan, Shibao Zheng, Jianling Hu, Yingqi Chen, Peilin Liu. “Design and implementation of the software system on MPSoC: an HDTV decoder case study”, IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics,2006,52(4):1333-1339.
  12. Jun Xu, Xiaokang Yang, Shibao Zheng, Li Song,“Group-of-pictures-based unequal error protection for scalable video coding extension of ?H.264/AVC”, Optical Engineering,2010,48(5):060502 (3 pp.).
Books and Patents
  1. Yi Zhou ; Hichem Snoussi ; Shibao Zheng;Fethi Smach ,“Visual Human Tracking in Wireless Cameras Networks A SURF-Based Approach”, Visual Information Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks: Technology, Trends and Applications? Copyright ? 2012. 16 pages
  1. Information and communication engineering doctoral courses, “Networked Multimedia Communication Technologies,” Autumn
Active Grants & Projects
  1. Natural Science Foundation General Program Project(面上), “The study of the semantic modeling and description ?of oriented groups video surveillance(面向群体监控的视频语义建模与描述研究)” ,2012-2015


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