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Yujie Zhou


Yujie Zhou, Professor
SEIEE Buildings 1-511
Shanghai JiaoTong University
800 Dongchuan Road, Shanghai 200240, China
Tel: +86 21 34204589
     Yujie Zhou received her Ph.D in 1997. She engaged in postdoctoral research work from 1997 to 1999 in State Key Laboratory Of Information Security(SKLOIS). In 2000,she began to participate in cryptographic algorithm chips design, and as Shenzhen ZTE IC design company technical director, leading to design the first commercial cryptographic algorithm chip"SSX04 module-exponentiation-multiply cryptographic algorithm coprocessor".In 2001, she was selected national"ten-five""863" plan expert of information field information security technology theme China's e-government overall group member. Since 2003,she served as professor and doctoral in electrical engineering department,Shanghai JiaoTong university.She led the design of high-end information security SoC chip"SSX17 high-performance security processor chip".
    Dr.Zhou has published 2 academic monographs,over 30 journal articles and has 28 patents.In recent years,as a project leader,she took charge of many science and technology projects of both national and provincial. She also developed a series of information security chips and got a large-scale promotion application.She has accumulated rich designing experience in information security SoC chip,expecially in these aspects--high performance,low power consumption,resistance to attack,etc..
  1. National "ten-five""863"Plan Expert
  2. Shanghai Technology Foresight Expert
  3. Director of the Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association
Research Areas
  1. Research and design in Information Security System
  2. Design of System integration circuit chip
  3. The design and development of IP core
  4. Research of chips resisting to attact
Selected Publications
  1. Zhimin Chen, Yujie Zhou. "Dual-Rail Random Switching Logic: A Countermeasure to Reduce Side Channel Leakage," CHES2006, LNCS 4249, pp. 242-254, Springer-Verlag, 2006.
  2. Rui Deng, Yujie Zhou,"Improvement to Montgomery Modular Inverse Algorithm",IEEE Transactions on computers,September 2006(Vol.55, No.9), pp. 1207-1210
  3. Dandan Zhao, Yujie Zhou, Dayong Wang, Junfa Mao. Effective macroblock layer rate control algorithm for H.264/AVC[J]. Computers and Electrical Engineering. 2011, 37(4):550-558
  4. Dandan Zhao, Yujie Zhou, Dayong Wang, Junfa Mao. An efficient intra-frame rate control algorithm for H.264/AVC video coding[J]. Journal of Wu Han University (Science). 2012.
  5. Dandan Zhao, Yujie Zhou, Dayong Wang, Junfa Mao. Adaptive current buffer fullness ratio-based intra-frame rate control for H.264/AVC. The Asia Pacific Conference on Postgraduate Research in Microelectronics & Electronics (PrimeAsia2009). 2009, 306-308.
  6. Dandan Zhao, Yujie Zhou, Dayong Wang, Junfa Mao. Adaptive cross-diamond search algorithm for fast block motion estimation in H.264. International Conference on Information Science and Engineering (ICISE2009). 2009, 1116-1119.
  7. Dandan Zhao, Yujie Zhou, Dayong Wang, Junfa Mao. Variable GOP length rate control algorithm for H.264 based on scene change detection. International Conference on Electric Information and Control Engineering (ICEICE2012).
  8. Dayong Wang, Yujie Zhou, Dandan Zhao, Junfa Mao. A wavelet domain fingerprinting for video content identification[J]. Advanced Science Letters. 2012.
  9. Dayong Wang, Yujie Zhou, Dandan Zhao, Junfa Mao. Perceptual video content identification based on relative orientation invariant between geometric centroid[J]. International Review on Computers and Software.2011, 6(6):1140-1145.
Books and Patents
  1. Public key Cryptographic Algorithms and Its Fast Implementation, 2009.9
  2. Sequence code design and analysis, 2003


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