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Weiqiang Sun
Weiqiang Sun , Professor
SEIEE Buildings 5-513
Shanghai JiaoTong University
800 Dongchuan Road, Shanghai 200240, China
Tel: +86 21 34205359
     Dr. Weiqiang Sun is currently a professor in the department of electronic engineering in Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU). Dr. Sun is actively involved in the research of high speed networks, network control and management, and network applications. He has more than 100 publications in peer reviewed journals and conferences. He was actively involved in the standardization of Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) performance measurement in IETF, and is the co-editor of RFC 6777 and RFC 5814. He has served as invited speakers on many international conferences. He was the organizer of the Sino-Korea Workshop on IPTV and NGN (2007-2010) and was one of the TPC co-chairs of IEEE HPSR 2017.
  1. Excellent Faculty Award, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2008/2012
  2. Shanghai Rising Star Program (上海市科技启明星), 2007
  3. Microsoft Fellowship award, 2002
Research Areas
  1. Quality of Service in Data Networks
  2. Congestion Pricing
  3. Optical Network Control and Management
Affiliated Research Group:
  1. Future Ready Optical Network Technology: http://front.sjtu.edu.cn
Selected Publications
  1. Weiqiang Sun et al.,“Seamlessly Transformable Hybrid Packet and Circuit Switching for Efficient Optical Networks,”Chinese Optics Letters (COL), vol. 11,no.1, 2013
  2. Weiqiang Sun et al.,"Performances of Label Switched Path dynamic provisioning in GMPLS networks",IEEE Communications Magazine, vol.50, no.1,pp.100-105, Jan. 2012
  3. Weiqiang Sun and Guoying Zhang (Ed.), Label Switched Path (LSP) Data Path Delay Metric in Generalized MPLS/MPLS-TE Networks, RFC 6777, Nov. 2012 ?
  4. Weiqiang Sun et al., "Exploring the potentials of GMPLS for future applications", IEEE ComSoc Optical Network Technical Committee (ONTC) Newsletter Prism, Vol.1, No.2, March, 2010 ?
  5. Weiqiang Sun and Guoying Zhang (Ed.), Label Switched Path (LSP) Dynamic Provisioning Performance Metrics in Generalized MPLS Networks, RFC 5814, March 2010?
  6. Weiqiang Sun et al.,"A cross-layer optical circuit provisioning framework for data intensive IP end hosts",IEEE Communications Magazine, vol.46, no.2, pp.S30-37, 2008
  7. Weiqiang Sun et al.,"Performance analysis of a finite duration multi-channel delivery method in IPTV",IEEE Transactions on Broadcasting, vol.54, no.3, pp.419-429, 2008
  8. Weiqiang Sun and Weisheng Hu,"Distributing digital TV over a hybrid packet- and circuit-switched network",SPIE Newsroom, Nov.2007
  1. “GMPLS for future applications –performance characterization andmeasurements”,in“Intelligent Systems for Optical Networks Design,”IGI Global Publishing, 2013
  1. EI205:“Digital Fundamentals”

Active Grants& Projects
  1. “End to End Bandwidth Provisioning in Dynamic Flexible Grid Optical Networks and Its Performance Study ”, NSFC, 2013-2016 (PI)


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