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[Academic Lecture] Multimode/single-mode polymer optical waveguide circuit for high-bandwidth-density on-board interconnects
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Multimode/single-mode polymer optical waveguide circuit for high-bandwidth-density on-board interconnects


     Who:      Dr. Takaaki Ishigure

                   Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University, JAPAN

   When:     07/01/2016, Thursday, 10:00 am

  Where:     SEIEE Building 5-214

                   Shanghai Jiao Tong University



We introduce graded index (GI) core multimode polymer optical waveguides as a promising component triggering the migration of optical interconnects from inter-racks to PCBs in high performance computers and servers. In particular, we spotlight “the Mosquito method” we developed for simultaneous fabrication and integration for the GI-core polymer waveguides on-board.  For high density channel alignment, small-core waveguides are desirable so that single-mode waveguides are regarded as an ideal component. In this paper, we show the Mosquito method is capable of fabricating single-mode polymer waveguides. We utilize an organic-inorganic hybrid material for single-mode waveguide resulting in reducing the loss at 1.55-μm wavelength drastically.



Dr. Takaaki Ishigure is currently an Associate professor of Keio University, Faculty of Science and Technology, the department of applied-physics and physic-informatics. He graduated Keio University, the department of applied chemistry in 1991, and received his Ph.D. degree in in material science from Keio University, Japan in 1996.  In 2005, he was with the Department of Electrical Engineering, Columbia University, New York, as a Visiting Research Scientist. His current research interests are in on-board optical interconnections realized with multimode polymer optical waveguides.  He and his group were awarded the outstanding session paper award in the 64th ECTC conference in 2015, and the outstanding poster paper award in the 61st ECTC conference in 2012.






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