Ma LinAssociate Researcher


Phone:+86 21 34201234

Research Center:Institute of Local Fiber-Optical Communication Networks and Advanced Optical Communication

Selected Publications

[1] Lin Ma, Shoulin Jiang, Jiangbing Du, Chen Yang, Weijun Tong, Zuyuan He, “Ring-assisted 7-LP-mode Fiber with Ultra-low Inter-mode Crosstalk,” Asia Communications and Photonics Conference, AS4A.5, 2016. (Post Deadline Paper)
[2] Shoulin Jiang, Lin Ma, Xinyu Fan, Bin Wang, and Zuyuan He, “Real-time locating and speed measurement of fibre fuse using optical frequency-domain reflectometry” Scientific Reports, vol. 6, Article number: 25585, 2016.
[3] Xiao Xu, Lin Ma, Wenjia Zhang, “Jiangbing Du, Zuyuan He, Fabrication and performance analysis of polymer waveguides for optical interconnects,” Optical Interconnects Conference, TuP21, 2016.
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[5] Lin Ma, Kyozo Tsujikawa, Nobutomo Hanzawa, Shinichi Aozasa, “Design and fabrication of low loss hole-assisted few-mode fibers with consideration of surface imperfection of air holes,” IEEE J. Lightwave Technol., vol. 34 no. 22, pp. 5164-5169, 2016.
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[9] Lin Ma, Takashi Katagiri, and Yuji Matsuura, “Surface Plasmon Resonance Refractive Index Sensor Using Optical Fibers,” The Review of Laser Engineering, vol. 41, no. 5, pp. 342-246, 2013. (Invited review paper, in Japanese)
[10] Lin Ma, Nobutomo Hanzawa, Kyozo Tsujikawa, and Yuji Azuma, “Launch device using endlessly single-mode PCF for ultra-wideband WDM transmission in graded-index multi-mode fiber,” Opt. Express, vol. 20, pp. 24903-24909, 2012.
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