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Research Center:Microwave and Radio Frequency Technology Research Center


1. 本科课程:    “微波与天线”   秋季开课

2. 本科课程:    “ 电磁学应用”  春季开课

3. 研究生课程: “微波与高速集成电路分析与设计”  春季开课

Selected Publications

1. Min Tang, Jia-Qing Lu, Jun-Fa Mao, and Li-Jun Jiang, “A Systematic Electromagnetic-Circuit Method for EMI Analysis of Coupled Interconnects on Dispersive Dielectrics”, IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory and Techniques, 61 (1): 1-13, 2013.

2.  Yi Huang, Lin-sheng Wu, Min Tang, and Jun-Fa Mao, “Design of a Beam Reconfigurable THz Antenna With Graphene-Based Switchable High-Impedance Surface”, IEEE Trans. Nanotechnology, 11 (4): 836-842, 2012.

3.  Jun Huang, Weng-Cho Chew, Min Tang, and Li-Jun Jiang, “Efficient Simulation and Analysis of Quantum Ballistic Transport in Nanodevices With AWE”, IEEE Trans. Electron Devices, 59 (2): 468-476, 2012.

4.  Jian-Jie Li, Jun-Fa Mao, and Min Tang, “Mushroom-Type Ground Plane Structure for Wideband SSN Suppression in High-Speed Circuits”, IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters, 21 (12): 646-648, 2011.

5.  Chun-Tian Liu, Jun-Fa Mao and Min Tang, “A New Power-Ground Plane Modeling Method With Rectangle and Triangle Segmentation”, IEEE Trans. Advanced Packaging, 33 (3): 639-646, 2010.

6. Min Tang and Jun-Fa Mao, “Finite-Difference Analysis of Interconnects With Frequency-Dependent Parameters Based on Equivalent Circuit Models”, IEEE Trans. Advanced Packaging, 32 (2): 457-467, 2010.

7.  Qi-Feng Liu, Wen-Yan Yin, Min Tang, Pei Guo Liu, Jun-Fa Mao and Qing Huo Liu, “Time-Domain Investigation on Cable-Induced Transient Coupling Into Metallic Enclosures”, IEEE Trans. Electromagnetic Compatibility, 54 (4): 953-962, 2009.

8.  Lin-Sheng Wu, Xi-Lang Zhou, Wen-Yan Yin, Min Tang and Liang Zhou, “Characterization of Average Power Handling Capability of Bandpass Filters Using Planar Half-Wavelength Microstrip Resonators,” IEEE Microwave Wireless Components Letters, 19 (11): 686-688, 2009.

9. Min Tang and Jun-Fa Mao, “A Precise Time-Step Integration Method for Transient Analysis of Lossy Nonuniform Transmission Lines”, IEEE Trans. Electromagnetic Compatibility, 50 (1): 166-174, 2008.

10. Min Tang, Jun-Fa Mao and Le-Le Jiang, “Optimal Wire Sizing of Buffered Global Interconnects”, Microelectronics International, 24 (3): 11-17, 2007.

11. Min Tang and Jun-Fa Mao, “Transient Analysis of Lossy Nonuniform Transmission Lines Using A Time-Step Integration Method”, Progress In Electromagnetics Research, PIER-69: 257-266, 2007.

12.  Le-Le Jiang, Jun-Fa Mao and Min Tang, “Analysis and optimization of shielded RLC global interconnects for gigascale integration”, International Journal of Electronics, 94 (3): 263-276, 2007.

13. Min Tang, Jun-Fa Mao and Xiao-Chun Li, “Analysis of Interconnects with Frequency-Dependent Parameters by Differential Quadrature Method”, IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters, 15 (12): 877-879, 2005.