Experimental Teaching Base

The Experiment Teaching Center of the Department of Electronic Engineering runs major laboratories for experiment teaching and engineering practice.



 ·  Laboratory Facility and Equipment

    Experiment Teaching Center occupies 10 rooms at approximately 700 square meters of space and owns over 500 scientific instruments. The center’s labs are open to students and faculties, at 12 hours/day, 7 days/week.

    Creative tasks driven independently by students.(picture on the left)



 ·  Practical Teaching   

    Experiment Teaching Center now provides 14 laboratory courses, 90% of which are design or creative experiments.

    Experiment Teaching Center also instructs and supports students to participate in extracurricular research or technology competition activities. In the past five years, more than 70 teams of over 200 students win international/domestic prizes and honor.


      National Undergraduate Electronic Design Invitational Contest of Embedded System, in 2010: won one frist prize and one second prize.

      National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, in 2009: won two second prizes.    

      National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, in 2011: won four second prizes.  




 ·  Associated Laboratory

    Experiment Teaching Center has cooperated with the world-famous company for a long time to establish joint laboratories and recommend students to practice in these enterprises.


 >>  SJTU-INTEL Platform Innovation Center    

>>  SJTU-TI Simulation Technology Associated Lab  

>>  SJTU-Agilent Embedded Technology Associated Lab 

>>  SJTU-Agilent Electronic Circuit Associated Lab

>>  SJTU-Xilinx Associated Lab   >>                                         

>>  SJTU-National Instruments Associated Lab

>>  SJTU-Tektronix Associated Lab

>>  SJTU-TI DSP Technology Center