Academic Introduction

Currently there are two first-level academic disciplines in the Electronic Engineering Department, namely, “Information and Communication Engineering” and “Electronic Science and technology”, and which are divided into four second level disciplines, including “Communication and Information systems” (National Key Discipline), “Signal and information processing” (National Key Discipline to Cultivate), “Circuits and systems”, and “Electromagnetic field and microwave technology” (National Key Discipline). During the discipline assessment organized by Chinese Ministry of Education in 2012, the disciplines of “Information and Communication Engineering” and “Electronic Science and technology” ranked the fourth and sixth, respectively.

Academic Structure

First-Level Academic Disciplines

  Second-Level Academic Disciplines  
  Information and Communication Engineering Communication and Information systems National Key Discipline
Signal and information processing National Key Discipline to Cultivate
Electronic Science and technology Circuits and systems  
Electromagnetic field and microwave technology National Key Discipline