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Academic Exchange


Academic Conference Hosted

There are over 30 visitors including the world-renowned scholars visit Dept. EE every year.


—  E.S.Kuh, member of academy of engineering of America, professor of UC Berkeley;

—  Tomas Huang, member of academy of engineering of America, famous computer vision expert, professor of UIUC;

—  Biing-Hwang Juang, member of academy of engineering of America, famous audio processing expert, professor of GIT;

—  Martin Vetterli, Chair of Swiss national science foundation, famous signal processing expert, professor of EPFL;

—  Tingye Li,member of National Academy of Enigeering,famous optical communication experts;

—  Vijay K. Bhargava, Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, IEEE Fellow,Professor of University of British Columbia;

—  Lajos Hanzo, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Fellow of IEEE,Professor of University of Southampton;

—  Richard W. Ziolkowski, President of IEEE APS(2005),IEEE Fellow,OSA Fellow,Professor of University of Arizona;

—  Trevor S. Bird, President of IEEE APS(2012),IEEE Fellow,  Chief Scientist in the CSIRO ICT Centre.



Since 2004, the department has organized many international conferences, including many major international conferences:


—  IEEE CAS 2004

—  IEEE SiPS 2007

—  APCC 2009

—  IEEE BMSB 2010

—  IEEE InforCom 2011

—  Asia Communications and Photonics Conference and Exhibition 2009、2010 and 2011

—  IEEE WiMob2011



Several professors in Dept. EE were elected the fellow of  Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers(IEEE).


—  Junfa Mao       —  Wenjun Zhang       —  Hanping Xie

—  Hui Liu             —  Linxiao Wu             —  Dong Lee

—  Yueping Zhang