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1. Organic opto-electronic materials and devices
2. Flexible electronic devices
3. Holographic display
Books and Patent

1.  “Organic Semiconductor Electroluminescent Materials” in Organic Optoelectronic Materials (Editor: Yongfang Li). Springer International Publishing, 2015.

2.  “Harvesting Triplet Excitons in OLED”, Elsevier Inc., 2018.

Selected Publications

1.Dongxu Feng, Dan Dong, Lu Lian, Han Wang, Gufeng He*, “High efficiency non-doped white organic light-emitting diodes based on blue exciplex emission”, Organic Electronics, 56, 216-220, 2018

2.Lu Lian, Dan Dong, Shuai Yang, Bingwu Wei and Gufeng He,* "Highly Conductive and Uniform Alginate/Silver Nanowire Composite Transparent Electrode by Room Temperature Solution Processing for Organic Light Emitting Diode" ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 9(13), 11811-11818, 2017.

3.Mengyun Chen, Yang Zhao, Lijia Yan, Shuai Yang, Yanan Zhu, Imran Murtaza, Gufeng He*, Hong Meng*, Wei Huang*, “A Unique Blend of 2-Fluorenyl-2-anthracene and 2-Anthryl-2-anthracence Showing White Emission and High Charge Mobility”, Angewandte Chemie, 56(3), 722-727, 2017

4.Dan Dong, Weijie Wu, Lu Lian, Dongxu Feng, Yuezeng Su, Wanwan Li,* Gufeng He,* “Enhanced performances of quantum dot light-emitting diodes with doped emitting layers by manipulating the charge carrier balance”, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 5(20), 5018-5023, 2017

5.Xinkai Wu, Lu Lian, Shuai Yang and Gufeng He*, “Highly conductive PEDOT:PSS and graphene oxide hybrid film from a dipping treatment with hydroiodic acid for organic light emitting diodes”, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 4, 8528-8534, 2016

6.Fangyu Zhang, Qingchen Shen, Xindong Shi, Shipu Li, Wanlin Wang, Zhen Luo, Gufeng He, Peng Zhang, Peng Tao, Chengyi Song, Wang Zhang, Di Zhang, Tao Deng and Wen Shang, “Infrared Detection Based on Localized Modification of Morpho Butterfly Wings”, Advanced Materials, 27, 1077-1082, 2015

7.Xindong Shi, Jun Liu, Jing Wang, Xinkai Wu, Youxuan Zheng, Gufeng He*, “High efficiency green phosphorescent top-emitting organic light-emitting diode with ultrathin non-doped emissive layer”, Organic Electronics, 15, 2408-2413, 2014

8.Jing Wang, Saijun Huang, Jun Liu, Xinkai Wu, Xindong Shi, Chaoping Chen, Zhicheng Ye, Jiangang Lu, Yikai Su, Gufeng He*, “High-Efficiency Organic Light Emitting Diodes Based on the Gradient Doping and Nonlinear Crossfading Doping in Transporting Layers”, Journal of the Society for Information Display, 22(1), 83-88, 2014 (Outstanding Student Paper Award)

9.Jun Liu, Jing Wang, Saijun Huang, Xindong Shi, Xinkai Wu and Gufeng He*, “A highly efficient, transparent and stable charge generation unit based on a p-doped monolayer”, Organic Electronics, 14, 1337-1343, 2013

Jun Liu, Jing Wang, Saijun Huang, Hsi-An Chen and Gufeng He*, “Improved efficiency of blue phosphorescence organic light-emitting diodes with irregular stepwise-doping emitting layers”, Physica Satus Solidi (a), 210(3), 489-493, 2013 (Eiditor’s Choice)