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Research Center:Institute of Image Communication and Network Engineering

Jun Sun received his B.S. in 1989 from University of Electronic Sciences and technology of China, Chengdu, China, and a Ph.D. degree in 1995 from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, all in electrical engineering. He is currently a professor and Ph.D. advisor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. In 1996, he was elected as the member of HDTV Technical Executive Experts Group (TEEG) of China. Since then, he has been acting as one of the main technical experts for the Chinese government in the field of digital television and multimedia communications. In the past five years, he has been responsible for several national projects in DTV and IPTV fields. He has published over 50 technical papers in the area of digital television and multimedia communications and received 2nd Prize of National Sci. & Tech. Development Award in 2003, 2008. His research interests include digital television, image communication, and video encoding.
Research Areas television
2.image communication encoding
Institute of Image of Communication & Network Engineering
ResearchDirection television
2.image communication encoding
Institute of Image of Communication & Network Engineering
1. 2nd Prize of National Sci. & Tech. Development Award 2003
2. 2nd Prize of National Sci. & Tech. Development Award 2008
3. 1st Prize of Shanghai Sci. & Tech. Development Award 2002, 2005, 2007
1.Image Communications, Spring 2012
1."Research and demonstration of integrated broadcast control platform for the triple play" State 863 Project
Books and Patent
1."Modern Image Compression Technology", Science Press, 1998.
Selected Publications
1.Gengjian Xue, Jun Sun, and Li Song, "Background subtraction based on phase feature and distance transform", Pattern Recognition Letters, volume: 33 issue: 12 pages: 1601-1613. Published: 2012
2.Yuhua Fan, Jun Sun, and Jia Wang, "Multiple description image coding based on delta-sigma quantization with rate-distortion optimization," IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, volume: 21 issue: 9 pages: 4307-4309. Published: 2012
3.Meng Wu, Jun Zhou and Jun Sun, "Multi-scale ICA texture pattern for gender recognition," Electronics Letters, v 48, n 11, 2012, p 629-631
4.Yuhua Fan, Jia Wang, and Jun Sun, "Distributed Multiple Description Video Coding on Packet Loss Channels," IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, June, 2011
5.Chong Luo, Feng Wu, Jun Sun and Chang Wen Chen, "Efficient Measurement Generation and Pervasive Sparsity for Compressive Data Gathering," IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, Volume: 9 , Issue: 12, Page(s): 3728 - 3738, 2010.
6.Meng Wu, Jun Sun, Jun Zhou and Gengjian Xue, "Color constancy based on texture pyramid matching and regularized local regression," JOURNAL OF THE OPTICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA A-OPTICS IMAGE SCIENCE AND VISION, Vol. 27, Issue 10, pp. 2097-2105, 2010
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