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Research Center:Brain-inspired Application Technology Center (BATC)

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Selected Publications

Gong,Z.,Liu,P.,Wen,F.,Ying,R. “Graph-Based Adaptive Fusion of GNSS and VIO Under Intermittent GNSS-Degraded Environment,” IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement,2020

Rongdi Sun; Peilin Liu; Jianwei Xue; Shiyu Yang; Jiuchao Qian; Rendong Ying “BAX: A Bundle Adjustment Accelerator With Decoupled Access/Execute Architecture for Visual Odometry” IEEE Access,Volume: 8Page(s): 75530 - 75542,17 April 2020

F. Wen,R. Ying,P. Liu,“Efficient Algorithms for Maximum Consensus Robust Fitting,” IEEE Transactions on Robotics,vol. 36,no. 1,2020.