Wang JiaProfessor

Address:上海市东川路800号电信群楼 5-423

Phone:+86 21 34204515

Research Center:Institute of Image Communication and Network Engineering

Books and Patent
N. Sarshar, X. Wu, J. Wang, and S. Dumitrescu, “Network-aware Source Coding and Communication”, Cambridge University Press, 2011.
Selected Publications

1.  J. Wang, J. Chen, “Vector Gaussian Two-Terminal Source Coding,” IEEE Trans. Information Theory, Vol.59, No.6, pp.3693-3708, June 2013.

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4.  J. Wang, J. Chen, and X. Wu, “On the Sum Rate of Gaussian Multiterminal Source coding: New Proofs and Results,” IEEE Trans. Information Theory, Vol.56, No.8, pp. 3946-3960, Aug. 2010.

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