Yang HuaResearch fellow


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Research Center:Institute of Image Communication and Network Engineering


1. 视频编码与网络传输

2. 计算机视觉;机器学习

3. 智能视频监控体系及应用


1.  最佳论文奖. “Crowd Event Perception Based On Spatio-Temporal Viscous Fluid Field”, 9th international IEEE conference on Advanced Video and Signal-based Surveilliance, AVSS2012, Beijing, Sep.2012;
2.  2011年度《模拟电子技术》课成英文授课教学奖;
3.  荣获2009年度上海交通大学“晨星青年学者奖励计划”优秀青年教师后备人才二等奖;
4.  2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2011年分别荣获图像通信与网络工程研究所杰出贡献奖

Selected Publications

1.   Hua Yang, Yihua Cao, Hang Su, Shibao Zheng, " The Large-scale Crowd Analysis Based on Sparse Spatialtemporal Local Binary Pattern", Springer Journal of  Multimedia Tools and Applications, published online October 2012,p1-20. DOI 10.1007/s11042-012-1264-0  (SCI, 影响因子: 1.1)

2.   Hua Yang, Yihua Cao, Shuang Wu, Weiyao Lin, Shibao Zheng, " Abnormal crowd behavior detection based on local pressure model ", Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association (APSIPA) 2012, Dec 3-7th, 2012.

3.   Hang Su, Hua Yang, Shibao Zheng , Yawen Fan, Sha Wei,“Crowd Event Perception Based On Spatio-Temporal Viscous Fluid Field”, 9th international IEEE conference on Advanced Video and Signal-based Surveilliance,AVSS2012, Beijing, Sep18-21,2012,P458-163. Best paper award.

4.   Hang Su, Hua Yang, Shibao Zheng, ”The Large-Scale Crowd Behavior Perception Based on Spatio-Temporal Viscous Fluid Field,” Information Forensics and Security, IEEE Transactions on,vol.8, pp.1575-1589, Oct. 2013 (SCI, 影响因子: 1.832)

5.   Hang Su, Shibao Zheng, Hua Yang, ”Interactive Cell Segmentation based on Phase Contrast Optics”, Accepted by Journal of Bio-Medical Materials and Engineering. (SCI, 影响因子: 1.39)

6.   Yawen Fan, Hua Yang, Shibao Zheng, Hang Su, Shuang Wu, “Video Sensor based Complex Scene Analysis with Granger Causality”, accepted by Sensors, 2013 (SCI, EI)

7.   Yu Shuyuan, Zheng Shibao, Yang Hua, Liang Longfei, “Vehicle Logo Recognition Based on Bag-of-Words”, 10th international IEEE conference on Advanced Video and Signal-based Surveilliance,AVSS2013, Poland, Sep18-21,2013

8.   Yin Haiyan, Yang Hua, Su Hang, Zhang Chongyang,” DYNAMIC BACKGROUND SUBTRACTION BASED ON APPEARANCE AND MOTION PATTERN”, 2013 The 2nd International Workshop on Emerging Multimedia Systems and Applications (In conjunction with ICME 2013) July 15‐19, 2013 • San Jose, USA.

9.   Yawen Fan,Shibao Zheng, Hua Yang, Chongyang Zhang, Hang Su, " Causality-weighted active learning for abnormal event identification based on the topic model", Optical Engineering, vol.51(7),July 2012,077204(1-12).(SCI)

10.   Yang Hua , Su Hang, Shibao Zheng, Yawen Fan” The Large-sacle Crowd Density Estimation Based on Sparse Spatio-temporal Local Binary Pattern”, ICME 2011 workshop on Advances in Automated Multimedia Surveillance for Public Safety. July11-15, 2011.

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