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2002-2005, Ph.D. Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU), shanghai, P. R. China (major in Electronic Science and Technology). Dissertation: "Study of wavelength selective optical switches and key technologies of optical burst switching systems ". Advisor: Prof. Jianping CHEN (Tel:34205140, 13916359436, 1990-1993, M.S Shanghai University of Science and Technology, Shanghai, P.R.China (SUST, now renamed as Shanghai University) (major in Electronic Science and Technology), Dissertation: The study of optical controllable microwave switch, Advisor: Prof. Deming XU(Tel:62455846, 13918230566, 1986-1990, B.S. Soochow University, JiangSu Province, P. R. China (major in Physics Education Science).
1."The sand dust monitor and desert information detection in hinterland of desert", International Cooperation of Science & Technology Program, Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST), ID:2011DFA11780, 2012-2014, RMB 4750,000, Project Principal
2."Design of PLC splitter", Shanghai HONGHUI Optical Device and Materials Company, 2011-2012, RMB970,000, Project Principal
3."The simplified II", The Fluid Mechanics and Physics Institute, CAE, 2010-2011, RMB 120,000, Project Principal
4."The precise measurement method with laser length measurement", No.6354 Institute of China Ship Group Company, RMB280,000, 2010,Project Principal
5."The novel structure of digital wavelength selective optical switch and modulator", National Science Fund of CHINA ID No: 60877012, 2009-2011, RMB350,000, Project Principal
6."Optical signal processor for xxx application", XXX, 2009-2010,RMB200,000, Project Principal
7."Fiber Image Device", XXX, 2006-2011, ID: JPPT- xxx, RMB 2,250,000, Project Principal
8."Plasma optical surface wave ", National Key Lab Fund, 2007-2010, RMB500,000, Project Principal
9."Digitally wavelength optical switching and optical signal processing", National High Technology Program(863), ID No.: 2006AA01Z242, 2006-2008, RMB600,000, Project Principal
10."Digitally optical signal processing", ShuGuang (Dawn) Excellent Scholarship by Shanghai Municipal Education Committee, 2007-2008, RMB 120,000, Project Principal
11."Optical fiber delay lines", XXX, 2006-2008, RMB 200,000, Project Principal
12."Fast wavelength tunable selective optical switch", National Science Fund of CHINA, ID No.: 60377013, 2004-2006, RMB 230,000, Project Principal
13."Study of fast wavelength selective optical switch", Science & Technology Committee of Shanghai Municipal, Fund No.: 036105009,2004-2005, RMB200,000, Project Principal
14."Optical burst switching Technology based on wavelength variable bandpass thin film filter", National High Technology Program(863),ID No.:2001AA122074,2001-2003, RMB300,000, Project Principal
15."OBS experiment and key technology", Science & Technology Committee of Shanghai Municipal, Fund No.: 022261001, 2002-2004,RMB400,000, Project Principal
16."Study on Optical burst switching Technology based on wavelength variable bandpass thin film filter", Science & Technology Committee of Shanghai Municipal, Fund No. :012261022, 2001-2004, RMB300,000, Project Principal
17."1*N mechanical optical switch", Science & Technology Committee of Shanghai Municipal, Fund No. : 005115032, 2000-2001, RMB500,000, Project Principal
18."MZ interferometer magnetic field sensor mathematical model ", part of The National Basic Research Program (also called 973 Program) in China, 2004, RMB 46,000, Project Principal of sub branch in the project
19."Optical switch Matrix and its application in LAN", National xxx Project, 1996-2000, RMB 250,000, Project Branch Principal
20."Optical ATM network", Shanghai Jiaotong University Fund, 1999-2000, RMB 10,000, Project Principal
21."Bank display system for China Construction Bank in Pudong Branch", China Construction Bank in Pudong Branch, 1995-1996, RMB 146,000, Project Principal on Duty
22."Bank display system and interconnection for China Construction Bank in Pudong Qili Branch", China Construction Bank in Pudong, 1996-1997, about RMB 60,000, Project Principal
23."Multimedia Searching system for bank mortgage in Pudong Branch", China Construction Bank in Pudong,1996-1997, RMB 46,000, Project Principal
24."Display system for XinJiang Airline", XinJiang Airline, 1996-1997, RMB 60,000, Project Principal
Books and Patent
1.Lower loss polarization insensitive micro/nano fiber fabrication method, Chinese Patent Application No: 201010177844.5, inventor of application: Hong Z.H., Li X.W, et al.
2.The shelf structure of II, Chinese Patent Application No: 200910120063.X, inventor of application: Wu K., Li X.W.
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7.Wu Guiling,Chen Jianping,Li Xinwan,Qian Wenjun,Liu Yue,Resilient Optical Burst Ring Failure Protecting Method, Apparatus And Failure Processing Method,Application number: EP20060817964 20061207,Publication number: EP1998503 (A1),Publication date: 2008-12-03,European Patent
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16.Tunable wavelength selective 2 by 2 optical switch, Chinese Patent, No: ZL 02 1 37254.3 , inventor: Li Xinwan, Ye Ailun, Chen Jianping, issued date: November. 17, 2004
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18.Wideband single mode 4X4 optical switch matrix, Chinese Patent, No: ZL99 1 25743.X , inventor: Li Xinwan, Ye Ailun, issued date: March 17,2003


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