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Prof. Xinyu Fan received his B.Sc. in Applied Physics (2000), M.Sc. in Optical Engineering (2003), from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, and a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering (2006) from The Universityof Tokyo, Japan.In 2006, he joined NTT Laboratories as a research scientist. In 2012, he joined Shanghai Jiao Tong University as a Professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering, and was promoted to Tenured Full Professor in 2019.

His research interest focuses on fiber-optic sensing and measurement, optical frequency comb and its applications, and optical information processing. He proposed a new mechanism to realize an ultrahigh-linearly swept optical source with a large bandwidth which break through the limit of electronic bottleneck, and highly improved the measurement range and the spatial resolution of optical reflectometry. He proposed a novel distributed fiber-optic vibration sensing technique, and realized the phase extraction with a very long measurement range, and promoted the industrialization of achievements. He set up a new theory on general linear optical sampling technique, and used it to optical pulse compression technique, to improve more on the performance of distributed fiber-optic sensing.

Prof. Fan has published over 100 journal articles and filed 23 patents. He serves as TPC Chair/ Co-Chair/ Secretary/ Member for many international conferences. He has been invited to give over twenty invited talks (including some keynote talks) at international conferences. He wrote a Book Chapter published by Springer Nature. He serves as the Member of Editorial Board for Chinese Optics Letters, Feature Editor for Optics Express, and also serves as the review panel member for many research funds organized by Ministry of Science and Technology and National Natural Science Foundation of China.
Research Areas
1. Fiber-optic sensing and measurement
2. Optical frequency comb and its applications
3. Optical information processing
1. Fiber-optic sensing and measurement
2. Optical frequency comb and its applications
3. Optical information processing


1. Excellent Doctoral Dissertations, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2019. (Dr. Shuai Wang).

2. Best Student Paper Award, ACP2019 International Conference. (Dr. Bin Wang).

3. Excellent Academic Award, China Optical Fiber Sensing Academic Conference in 2017. (Dr. Shuai Wang).

4. Student Paper Award, APOS 2018 International Conference. (Dr. Zhaopeng Zhang).

5. Student Paper Award, APOS 2018 International Conference. (Mr. Gaoyu Dai).

6. Best Student Paper Award, APOS 2016 International Conference. (Dr. Shuai Wang).


1. Fiber-optic telecommunications, Fall semester;

2. Mathematical methods of physics, Fall semester.


1. Member of Editorial Board for Chinese Optics Letters, Topic editor for Chinese Optics Letters;

2. Feature Editor for Optics Express.

Books and Patent

1. Xinyu Fan*, “Distributed Rayleigh Sensing”, Book Chapter in “Handbook of optical fibers” (Book Chapter, Springer Nature, 2018)

Selected Publications
1. Bin Wang, Xinyu Fan*, Yuanxiu Fu, and Zuyuan He, “Dynamic strain measurement based on high-speed single-end-access Brillouin optical correlation domain analysis,” OSA/IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, Vol. 37, Issue 11, Nov. 2019 (Invited paper)

2. Shuai Wang, Xinyu Fan*, Bingxin Xu, and Zuyuan He, “Fast MHz spectral-resolution dual-comb spectroscopy with electro-optic modulators,” Optics Letters, Vol. 44, No. 1, pp. 65-68, Jan. 2019 (Editor’s Pick)  

3. Xinyu Fan*, Guangyao Yang, Shuai Wang, Qingwen Liu, and Zuyuan He, “Distributed Fiber-Optic Vibration Sensing Based on Phase Extraction from Optical Reflectometry,” OSA/IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, Vol. 35, Issue 6, Aug. 2017 (Invited paper)  

4. Guangyao Yang, Xinyu Fan*, and Zuyuan He, “Strain dynamic range enlargement of slope-assisted BOTDA by using Brillouin phase-gain ratio,” IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, Volume 35, Issue 20, p. 4451, October 2017    
5. Shuai Wang, Xinyu Fan*, Qingwen Liu, and Zuyuan He, “Distributed fiber-optic vibration sensing based on phase extraction from time-gated digital OFDR,” Optics Express, Vol. 23, No. 26, pp. 33301-33309, December 2015