Gong XinbaoAssociate Professor

Address:上海市东川路800号电信群楼 1-416

Phone:+86 21 34204030


Research Center:Institute of Media, Information, and Network

Selected Publications

1.   “A Two-stage Learning Method to Configure RBF Centers and Widths in Dynamic Environment Employing Immune Operations”, Neural Network World, Vol.21, No.4, 2011: 341-355

2.  “An Area Efficient Real-Time PFFT Architecture Using Parallel Distributed Arithmetic”, IEICE A. Fundamentals, Vol.E95-A, No.2, 2012: 600-603

3.  “An Immunity-Based RBF Network and Its Application in Equalization of Nonlinear Time-varying Channels”,IEICE A. Fundamentals,Vol.E92-A, No.5, 2009:1390-1394

4.  “An Evolutionary Radial Basis Function Network Configuration Using Adaptive Width Adjustment Based on Vaccination Mechanism”,Neural Network World,Vol.18, No. 4, 2008: 323-339

5.  “Analytic Analysis of A C-Shaped Microshield Broadside-Coupled Coplanar Waveguide with Buried Ground Strip”,Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, Vol.36, No.3, 2003: 214-216