Li RongyuAssociate Professor

Address:上海市东川路800号电信群楼 5-201

Phone:+86 21 34205207


Li Rongyu received his B.S. in 1986 from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, and a Master. degree in 1988 from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China , all in electrical engineering. Has been a Faculty Member in Shanghai Jiao Tong University since 1988, a associate professor since 1996.
Research Areas
1.Special optical fiber
2.Optical Fiber communications
3.FPD(flat panel display)
1.National "ten-five""863"Plan Expert
2.Shanghai Technology Foresight Expert
3.Director of the Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Association
Books and Patent
1.“cathode? emitting material for no photosensitive gas discharge tubes”? Chinese invention Patent ,2002
Selected Publications
1.Wang zhijun,Lirongyu,Zhu xiujian,”Novel 8 Domain Driving Technology for TFT-LCD” Chinese Jorual of Liquid Crystals and Displays,Vol.24,No.3,Jun.2009,P372-376
2.Guo Yingying,Lirongyu,Liang Baowen,Wang shuai,Chen xiujin,”Four-TFT Pixel Driving Cirtive Matrix OLED” Chinese Jorual of Liquid Crystals and Displays,Vol.23,No.6,Dec.2008,P667-670
3.Liang Baowen,Li rongyu,Guo yingying,Wang Shuai,Chen Xiujin ,”Design for 25 inches Direct Illumination-type LED Backlight” , Semiconductor Photonics and Technology 2008,3(14),P143-146
4.KANG Hao; LI Rongyu; YANG Xin. “Electroluminescence Gray Scale Display Driving Method and Circuit”,.2007(3):p225~229
5.Kang Hao, li Rongyu, Yangxin,”Design of EL driving circuit using the PWM & PAM method”Semiconductor Photonics and Technology 2007.8(3),P34~P40
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7.LYin zongmin,Li rongyu,Liu rui,Wang jianghua,”Radiation Characteristics of Polymeric Plastic Fiber”,JOURNAL OF SHANGHAI JIAOTONG UNIVERSITY,Vol.34 No.2 FEB.2000,P209-211
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