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Research Areas
1.Antennas: Small antennas, multi antennas for wireless communication terminals,  Antenna array for satellite communication systems and wireless network, SSPPs antenna, nano antenna and so on.
2.Multi Beam Array: Multibeam antennas, Scanning beamforming techniques, Reconfigurable antenna, Reconfigurable switches network.
3.Computational electromagnetic: especially in the combination of MoM, GTD, FDTD and GA & PSO for Optimal Model to the antenna design.
4.Optic systems: especially for the Active nano antenna, array and the Fully distributed optic fiber sensor
Antennas/Multi Beam Array/Computational electromagnetic/Optic systems
Selected Publications

1.   J. Geng,R. W. Ziolkowski,R. Jin,X. Liang, “Detailed performance characteristics of vertically polarized,cylindrical, active coated nano-particle antennas,” Radio Sci., VOL. 47,Issue 2, p. RS2013, doi:10.1029/2011RS004898, April 2012

2.  Junping Geng,Richard W. Ziolkowski,Ronghong Jin,Xianling Liang,Numerical Study of the Near-Field and Far-Field Properties of Active Open Cylindrical Coated Nanoparticle Antennas, IEEE Photonics Journal, Dec., 2011, 3 (6), pp.1092-1110.

3.  J. P. Geng, J. J. Li, R. H. Jin, S. Ye, X. L. Liang and M.Z.Li, The development of the curved microstrip antenna with defected ground structure, Progress In Electromagnetics Research, PIER 98, 53-73, 2009.

4.  Hao Wu, Junping Geng, Ronghong Jin, Jizheng Qiu, Wei Liu, Jing Chen, Suna Liu, “An Improved Comprehensive Learning Particle Swarm Optimization and Its Application to the Semi-automatic Design of Antennas”, IEEE Transactions On Antennas and Propagation, 2009, 57, (10), pp. 3018-3028.

5.  Geng, J.;Jin, R.; Wang, W.; He, W.; Ding, M.; Wu, Q.; Rui, X.; Yang, G.; Fang, Z.,A new quasi-omnidirectional vertical polarisation antenna with low profile and high gain for DTV on vehicle, Microwaves, Antennas & Propagation, IET,Page(s): 918-924.Vol.1,Issue:4,Aug. 2007.

6.  Junping Geng, Ronghong Jin, etc "The Study on Electromagnetic Interferences of Electric Motor in HAPS", Aerospace Science and Technology, vol.9(7), p 617-625, 2005.

7.  Junping Geng, Ronghong Jin, etc., "An Improved Model for the Fully Distributed Temperature Single-mode Fiber Optic Sensor Based on Raman Optical Frequency-domain Reflectometry (ROFDR)",Journal of Optics A: Pure and Applied Optics. Vol.6, pp.932-936, 2004.

8.  Junping Geng, Jiadong Xu, etc., "The Development of the Model and Arithmetic for the Fully Distributed Fiber Optic Sensor Based on Raman Optical-fiber Frequency-domain Reflectometry (ROFDR)", Sensors and Actuators (A), vol.101/1-2, pp.132-136, 2002.

9.  Upadhyaya N. Rijal, J. Geng, X. Liang, R. Jin, X. Liu, and K Wang, STUDY ON THE PLANAR CIRCULARLY POLARIZED ANTENNAS WITH SWASTIKA SLOT, Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 39, 11-24, 2013.

10.  Tang Jingjing;Geng Jun-Ping;Jin, Ronghong; Liang, Xianling, A General Method for Modeling Packaged Diode Spanning Multiple Cells in FDTD, IEEE ANTENNAS AND WIRELESS PROPAGATION LETTERS, Vol.12, pp. xx, 2013.

11.  M. Liu*, R. Jin, J. Geng, and X. Liang LOW-INSERTION LOSS PIN DIODE SWITCHES USING IMPEDANCE-TRANSFORMATION NETWORKS, Progress In Electromagnetics Research C, Vol. 34, 195-202, 2013.


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14.  Wenzhi Wang, Sheng Ye , Xianling Liang, Ronghong Jin, Trevor S. Bird, Y. Jay Guo, Geng Junping, Even- and odd-mode analysis of thick and wide slot in waveguides based on a variational method, IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, vol.60, no.11, Nov. 2012, pp.3349-3358.

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