Wu KanProfessor

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Research Center:

mode-locked fiber lasers, photonic integration and optoelectronic devices.
Selected Publications

1.Kan Wu,* Bohua Chen, Xiaoyan Zhang, Saifeng Zhang, Chaoshi Guo, Chao Li, Pushan Xiao, Jun Wang, Linjie Zhou, Weiwen Zou, and Jianping Chen, High-performance mode-locked and Q-switched fiber lasers based on novel 2D materials of topological insulators, transition metal dichalcogenides and black phosphorus: review and perspective (invited), Optics Communications 406, 214-229 (2018)(邀请论文)

2.Bohua Chen, Xiaoyan Zhang, Kan Wu,* Hao Wang, Jun Wang, and Jianping Chen, Q-switched fiber laser based on transition metal dichalcogenides MoS2, MoSe2, WS2, and WSe2, Optics Express 23(20), 26723 (2015)(ESI高被引论文)

3.Kan Wu,* Xiaoyan Zhang, Jun Wang, Xing Li and Jianping Chen, WS2 as a saturable absorber for ultrafast photonic applications of mode-locked and Q-switched lasers, Optics Express 23(9), 11453 (2015)ESI热点论文和高被引论文)

4.Wenchao Hu, Jason C. Pillay, Kan Wu, Michael Pasek, Perry Ping Shum, and Y. D. Chong, Measurement of a Topological Edge Invariant in a Microwave Network, Physical Review X 5(1), 011012 (2015)(ESI高被引论文)

5. Zhen Tian, Kan Wu, Lingchen Kong, Nan Yang, Yao Wang, Rong Chen, Weisheng Hu, Jianqiu Xu, and Yulong Tang, Mode-locked thulium fiber laser with MoS2, Laser Physics Letters 12(6), 065104 (2015)(ESI高被引论文)

6.Kan Wu, Javier García de Abajo, Cesare Soci, Perry Ping Shum and Nikolay I. Zheludev, An optical fiber network oracle for NP-complete problems, Light: Science and Applications 3, e147 (2014)(高影响因子论文)