SJTU Students Won the 2021 City Brain Challenge

Recently, the KDD CUP 2021 City Brain Challenge organized by ACM SIGKDD came to an end in Singapore. The "IntelligentLight" team, consisting of master's students Song Gang, Zhang Zheng and Wang Chufan and undergraduate students Sun Zeyu and Gu Yucheng from the Department of Electrical Engineering, School of Electronic Information and Electrical Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and led by professor Gong Xinbao, emerged as the winner among 1156 teams worldwide and won the championship.

The KDD Cup is the world's most influential event in the field of data mining and is known as the "World Cup" in the field of data science. The KDD Cup 2021 features a special "City Brain Challenge" in the data competition section, which uses real traffic data of the city of Nanchang to challenge the limits of the city's road network to accommodate vehicles and help plan urban traffic decisions. Participants will be in charge of coordinating traffic signals to maximize the number of vehicles served while maintaining an acceptable delay.

Under the instruction of Prof. Gong Xinbao, the team, through accurate feature extraction and detailed modeling close to reality, proposed an innovative solution based on an improved expert system, combined with reinforcement learning methods to assist in tuning parameters, which effectively reduced the delay time of the road network and could accommodate and serve more than 360,000 vehicles at the same time.

Visual analysis tool for urban road networks