The successful organizing of ACP2014


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   The successful organizing of ACP2014


From Nov. 11 to Nov. 14, more than seven hundred persons from domestic and abroad gathered together in shanghai international conference center to attend the Asia-Pacific Communications and Photonic Conference 2014 (ACP 2014), which is organized by the state key laboratory of advanced optical communication systems and networks, Shanghai Jiao Tong University. ACP 2014 is jointly organized by Wuhan Research Institute of Posts and Telecommunications, and China Fiber Optic Network System Group LTD..ACP is an annual photonic academic conference with the largest size and influence in Asia-Pacific region, and it is now one of three major photonic academic conferences in the world (the other two are ECOC held in Europe and OFC held in USA). ACP is technically supported by OSA, IEEE Photonic Society, SPIE, COS and CIC, covering.the field of optical communications, optical sensors, nano optics, biophotonics, optical integration and so on.


The general chair of ACP 2014 is Professor ZuyuanHe, the director of state key laboratory of advanced optical communication systems and networks, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and a distinguished expert of “one thousand plan”. Professor Shaohua Yu from Wuhan institution of posts and telecommunications scienceis the TPC chair. Moreover, Professor Connie Chang-Hasnain from The University of California, Berkeley, Professor Lena Wosinska from The Swedish Royal Institute of Technology, and Professor Yasuhiko Arakawa from The University of Tokyo, are the general co-chairs. Professor Yi Dong from Shanghai Jiao Tong University is the chair of the local organization committee. The conference is supported by ShanghaiJiao Tong University, Peking University, and the national Natural Science Foundation of China. And the conference is  sponsored by Wuhan Research Institute of Posts and Telecommunications, China Fiber Optic Network System Group LTD.,Luster LightTech and so on.


In the opening ceremony, Prof. Hong Mei, the vice President of SJTU,and Prof. Philip Bucksbaum, the chairman of the optical society of Americagavea speech on behalf of the organizer and academic society, respectively. ACP2014 has invited the worldwide famous scientists and experts including Prof. Hequan Wu, ex-vice president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Prof. MasatakaNakazawa from Tohoku university, Prof. John Bowers from the University of California,Santa Barbara, and Prof. Philip Russell fromMax-Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Erlangen, Germany. Excellent talks covering the topics includingbroadband strategy and technology of china, large capacity optical transmission, silicon photonics, and microstructure fiber, were given during the plenary session.



ACP 2014 has received 822 submissions (36 postdeadline submissions).666 of them are invited papers, workshop talks, oral presentations, and poster presentations. The accepted oral presentation is 342, corresponding to an acceptance ratio of less than 40%. More than 700 persons from 31 countries have attended the conference, including 281 from abroad. Experts and industry professionals have communicated with each other regarding the hottesttopics of optical communications and photonics. Apart from the 4 plenary talks, 111invited talks were given in 6 parallel sessions. Particularly, 15,000US$ for the best student paper award was sponsored by IEEE photonics society. 22 participated students received the award. In addition, 9 workshops/symposiums,and 1 industrial forum were organizedwith 82 talks. As for the industry exhibition, 18 companies attended the exhibition with their cutting edge products.


ACP 2014 is with a great success. The conference madea record of attendance with respect to APOC 2005 and ACP 2009, which were also held by the state key laboratory, SJTU. The successful host ofthis conference significantly improves the influence of the state key laboratory,and it also promotes the academic reputation of ACP itself, which on the other hand will play a positive role in enhancing/improvingthe researchof optical communications and photonics in China.


ACP 2014 is recognized as a high level international conference due to the globalization of the conference, the high quality of the technical contents and the well-prepared local organization by the local organizing committee.