【JOHN CENTER】面向心肌机构的光学定量


Yu Gan received his Ph. D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University in 2017. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at The University of Alabama. His technical interests are in the broad areas of biomedical imaging and AI-based image processing. He is the recipient of SPIE Optics & Photonics Education Scholarship in 2014 and Wei foundation scholarship in 2013.


This talk will focus on our progresses towards  the development of high performance automated processing tools to quantitatively characterize microstructure of biological tissues. I will highlight our effort on characterizing cardiac tissue architecture and composition using optical coherence tomography (OCT), with a goal of addressing the unmet needs in monitoring and guiding treatment of cardiovascular disease. I will introduce a human cardiac OCT atlas that we recently built up to quantify myocardial structure and the artificial intelligence tools we developed to quantitatively extract hidden information. In addition, I will briefly discuss the extension of our technical advance to oncology, obstetrics, and ophthalmology.